Bags and Hoodies KULKA

Discover our new product! Cosmetic bag with a broided logo of KULKA 3D. You can use it to hold your favorite Kulka jewellery or small cosmetics. Cosmetic bag is fastened by zip - it will work perfectly as a organizer to Kulka bag. Cosmetic bag was made in Łódź.Dimensions:Width: approx. 25cmHigh: approx. 16cmMaterial: cotton
Discover our new product!Blouse made of high quality cotton with broider logo KULKA 3D. You can wear this blouse with shorts, skirts or jeans - that will fit with everything. But what's the most important - wear this with Kulka jewellery.Avaiable sizes: XS/S/M. Blouse was made in Łódź. All dimensions are measured on a flat surface.Size XS:Total lenght...
Discover our new product!Bag with a broided logo of KULKA 3D and unique charm made of natural stones.Bag has a trapeze shape. Feel the power of stones:Onyx is a stone of success. Its energy increases your strength and resistance when performing difficult and complex tasks.Hematite is a stone of warriors. It strongly cleanses blood. It brings you joy of...
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