Our bracelets are threaded by hand on a flexible jewelery line or on a metal cord.

Each bracelet is slightly different from each other, because no two stones are the same.

We choose stones for the client with great care, always intuitively.

How to choose a size:

1. Measure the circumference of your wrist with a soft tailor's tape measure so that the tape sticks to its thinnest point. Do not add slack, we in the workshop will take care of the right amount of it so that the bracelets fit elegantly and do not squeeze.

Do not measure the strap of your watch or the circumference of your bracelets!

2. Choose the size guided by the circumference of the wrist (measured without slack) or give your exact wrist circumference in the comment to the order, then we will make a bracelet to your measure.

3. We like it when bracelets gently fall on the wrist, if you want the bracelets to stick to it, write us such information in the comment along with the exact circumference of the wrist for which we should make the bracelet.

4. We suggest size S for gift, it is suitable for most standard wrists.

Necklaces made of stones/ Armor

How to choose a size:

1. If you dream of a choker, please provide the exact circumference of your neck in centimeters in the order message.

Measure the neck with a soft tape measure where the choker should fit. Don't add slack!

We will ask for the right amount of it so that the choker adheres to the neck without restricting movement.

Don't worry, we will also add an extension giving the possibility of possible adjustment.

2. If you want it to be a classic collar-bone necklace, choose one of the ready-made sizes.

Size S will fit most standard necklines.


How to choose a size:

The jewelry size does not equal the circumference in centimeters!

So if you have a circumference of 6 cm, it is not a size 6.

1. Select your jewelry size from the list. Measurement is free from most jewelers.

2. Measure the circumference of your finger with a soft tape measure so that it fits snugly around your finger. Please provide your exact finger circumference in centimeters in the comments to the order. The more accurately you measure your finger circumference, the better the ring will fit, every millimeter counts.

Remember that a well-chosen ring size will allow you to enjoy it longer.

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