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Necklace "Map of the World"... Necklace "Map of the World"... 2
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ENGRAVER There is a possibility of making a small engraving on the pendant. If you have an idea for a different engraving than is available in the options, write to us for a quote at kulka.grawer@gmail.com. The waiting time for the engraving is 7 days. The engraver is additionally payable. Place an order via the website, you can pay by traditional...
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Together - bracelets for couples made of natural stones

Bracelets for couples are a perfect present for various occasions like birthday or Valentine's day. These bracelets are made of rare African turquoise. It's a beautiful turquoise/brown stone. African turquoise is a talisman for travelers - it protects them, brings courage and enhances their intuition. We suggest you choose cubes of natural haematite as...
Palm tree - thin circle... Palm tree - thin circle... 2
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Earrings are made of antiallergic gold-plated stainless steel, and also pendants. Don't worry, the gilding stays beautifully, does not darken or wipe off. Dimensions: Hoops: approx. 3 cm in diameter Pendant: approx. 1.5 cm
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