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Lazurite (2mm) - necklace made of natural stones
Lazurite (2mm) - necklace made of...
Lazurite (2mm) - necklace made of...
Lazurite (2mm) - necklace made of natural stones

Lazurite (2mm) - necklace made of natural stones

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This impressive, eye catching necklace is made of lapis lazuli (lazurite).

Due to the exceptional polish this necklace glitters with million particles.

We suggest you choose sun in gold as a pendant.
The pendant and a clasp are made of gilded steel.

The size of a stone is 2mm.

Lapis lazuli is a stone of friendship.

This little natural stones are also available in a shorter necklace - choker.

*different pendants are also available; if you would like another version please notify us about it in comment section.

How to pick a size:

1. If you dream of a choker write in a comment section of an order your neck circumference in centimeters. Measure your neck circumference with tape-measure so that it touches the place where choker will be. Don't add any loose space! We will make sure there is enough of it so that the choker doesn't press your neck while you move. Don't worry we'll give you an extension for any adjustments.

2. If you prefer classical necklace reaching your collarbone choose one of the available sizes.

Size S will fit most of the necks.

Rozmiar Chokerów

The extremely impressive necklace is made of a precious stone called Lapis Lazuli (lapis lazuli).

The necklace shimmers with a million particles, thanks to a unique cut.

As a decorative element, I suggest a gilded sun.

Decorative elements plus a clasp are made of gold-plated stainless steel.

The size of the pebble is 2mm.

Lapis Lazuli is a stone of friendship

These tiny pebbles look exceptionally beautiful in the form of a shorter choker necklace.

* other pendants also available;

write a message if you want to make a change.

How to choose the size:

1. If you dream of a choker, please provide the exact circumference of your neck in centimeters in the order message.

Measure the neck with a soft tape measure where you want the choker to fit. Don't add slack!

We will ask for the right amount, so that the choker adheres to the neck without restricting movement.

We will also add an extension that allows for possible adjustment.

2. If you want a classic collarbone necklace, choose one of the sizes available.

Size S will fit most standard necklines.

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