Gold-plated necklace "Zodiac"

Gold-plated necklace "Zodiac"

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Wybierz swój znak zodiaku


Meet our medallion with the sign of the zodiac and the support stone.

Necklaces are made of the highest quality gold-plated stainless steel.

The length of the necklace is 45cm with an extension that can be adjusted up to 50cm.

Aquarius and his talisman - APATITE

Aquarians have a strong need to decide about their own fate - they do not agree to being guided by others and imposing their own opinions on them. They are perfect leaders, striving for justice and the common good. The best support for Aquarius will be provided by Apatite, the stone responsible for the throat chakra affecting communication - thanks to the power of this mineral, it is easier to compromise and get along faster with people with a different opinion.

Pisces and their talisman - SAPPHIRE

The greatest advantages of Pisces are creativity and diligence - their biggest problem, in turn, is excessive sensitivity and low self-esteem. Sapphire is perfect for this, it has a positive effect on emotional balance and helps in perceiving beauty.

Aries and his talisman - GRANATE

Zodiacal Aries is bold, decisive and sincere - so he will be greatly assisted by stones that affect perseverance and spiritual strength. An example is the grenade, which keeps you spirited and motivated and also helps combat the excessive chaos in Aries' life.

Taurus and his talisman - AGAT

Thanks to agate, Taurus regains faith in himself. Under his caring influence, he can do things that require perseverance and patience.

Gemini and his talisman - RODONITE

Twins are involved in many things at once, and as a result, they think forever and rarely feel calm. It happens that they are happy and sad in one moment or their moods change in a few moments, and they easily lose their enthusiasm. The most frequently chosen stone for Gemini is Rhodonite, which helps them see their own advantages and supports them in self-development and achieving their goals.

Cancer and his talisman - MOON STONE

Cancer people are very sensitive, which affects their lives in two ways. Although Crayfish are extremely empathetic and build solid, long-lasting relationships, they are fearful and prone to remembering past mistakes. Moonstone soothes and has a good effect on the interior and emotions. He brings peace, composure, balance, peace of mind, care and compassion to Cancer.

The lion and his talisman - SUNSTONE

Lions love to be the center of attention and are great friends. However, they often take the lead and insistently convince others that they are right. The Sun Stone is perfect for them. For Leo, he will be a protective talisman against envy and evil spirits.

Virgo and her talisman - PINK TURMALINE

Virgos are altruists, able to help others in any situation. They like to live according to a predetermined plan and are not disturbed by routine and duties - however, their lives lack a touch of emotion. Pink tourmaline will make Virgo discover her virtues and open her heart.

Libra and its talisman - LABRADORITE

Libra people strive for harmony, peace and are guided by intuition. Thanks to their well-developed creativity, they are great artists. Unfortunately - they can be unstable in feelings and quickly begin to feel routine in relationships. Wagom helps to discover inner harmony and to transmit it to the outside. It allows you to get rid of emotional problems and teaches you to enjoy life.

Scorpio and his talisman - SMOKE QUARTZ

Scorpios are known for their strong characters - they can be explosive and unpredictable. Smoky quartz helps to change negative emotions and transform them into strength to achieve the next goals that Scorpio sets for itself.

Sagittarius and his talisman - HEMATITE

Sagittarius are born optimists and extroverts. They like to make new friends and make their dreams come true - their lively pursuit of goals is supported by minerals such as hematite, which support their spirits and ensure motivation, as well as facilitate the pursuit of the greatest life goals.

Capricorn and his talisman - BLACK TURMALINE

Capricorns keep their feet on the ground and easily distance themselves and remain objective in difficult or awkward moments. At the same time, they are eager for success, which makes them easily lose themselves in work or duties, forgetting about small pleasures. The black variety of tourmaline helps Capricorn in solving difficulties that stand in the way of achieving his goals.

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