Pierścionek z naturalnych Apatytów
Ring made of natural Apatite - 2
Pierścionek z naturalnych Apatytów
Ring made of natural Apatite - 2

Ring made of natural Apatite

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This ring is made of Apatite of size 2mm. As a decorative element I suggest Hematite metallised on silver. Don't worry! The metallisation does not wear off.

Apatite is a stone of motivation. It favors ambition and independence. It motivates you to achieve goals and brings more courage.
Hematite is a stone of warriors. It strongly cleanses blood. It brings you joy of life, adds courage and belief in your own strength and skills. 

Each ring is our handicraft and we proudly call it artwork :)
Our rings are anti-allergic since they're 100% made of natural stones.

You will not find two exactly the same rings since you cannot find two identical stones. We always choose carefully stones for our clients - our intuition guides us very well.

How to pick a size:

1. Pick your size from the list. Most of jewellers will help you with measure free of charge.

2. Measure your finger circumference with tape-measure so that it touches the thinnest part of the finger. Write in comment section your fingers circumference in centimeters.

The more precisely you measure, the better fitting ring you receive. Remember that if you choose the right size you will enjoy your ring longer.

*If you prefer the pellet to be made of silver haematite let us know if you would like this variant in a comment section.

Stones: Apatite/Hematite
Size of stones: 2mm

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