Pierścionek Turkusowa elegancja - 1
Pierścionek Turkusowa elegancja - 2
Ring Earth colors - 3
Pierścionek Turkusowa elegancja - 1
Pierścionek Turkusowa elegancja - 2
Ring Earth colors - 3

Ring Earth colors

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Discover our novelty! This elegant ring is made of black Tourmaline, African Turquoise, Night of Cairo and gold Hematite.

is the strongest of protective stones. It protects from so called "evil eye" - jealousy, bad intentions and other negative emotions like fear, doubt and anger. 
African Turquoise is a stone of travelers. A talisman full of energy, strengthening the courage and intuition of travelers and favors new friendships. 
Night of Cairo is a stone of ambition. It's dedicated to those who are ambitious and want to reach the stars. 
Hematite is a stone of warriors. It strongly cleanses blood. It brings you joy of life, adds courage and belief in your own strength and skills.

How to choose size:

The size of the jewellery does not equal the circumference in centimeters!
1. Choose your jewellery size from the list. The measure is free at most jewelers.
2. Measure the circumference of your finger with a soft tailor's tape measure until it fits snugly against the finger. Please provide your exact finger circumference in centimeters in the comment. The more accurately you measure your finger circumference, the better the ring will fit.

Remember that a well-chosen ring size will allow you to enjoy it longer.

Stones: Tourmaline/African Turquoise/Citrine/Hematite
Size of stones: approx. 4mm/4mm/4mm/2mm

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  • silver hematites
  • gold hematites
Obwód palca w centymetrach/Jubilerski rozmiar pierścionka

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