Best-seller! Mini Dubai 2.0 necklace - 1
Best-seller! Mini Dubai 2.0 necklace - 2
Best-selling necklace! Dubai
Best-seller! Mini Dubai 2.0 necklace - 1
Best-seller! Mini Dubai 2.0 necklace - 2
Best-selling necklace! Dubai

Best-seller! Dubai 2.0 necklace

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Get to know our new product! Our timeless bestseller necklace in a new form. This time in the second version with the Desert Sand stone.

We made this gold-plated necklace from two chains with different weaves and natural stones: beautifully colored Desert Sand stone and golden Hematite, and at the end of the necklace there is a small Spinel.

DESERT SAND is a stone of good vibrations. It calms strong emotions, helping you maintain energy and enthusiasm, and helps you achieve your goals.

AGATE is a stone of balance. Harmonizes the physical, emotional and intellectual spheres. It has a calming effect and adds self-confidence.

Hematite is a warrior stone. Strongly cleanses the blood. It brings joy to life, gives courage and faith in one's own abilities.

TOURMALINE (black) is a stone of protection. It is a unique stone that provides protection against the so-called the "evil eye", i.e. envy, harmful intentions and other types of negative influences such as concerns, fear, anger.

SPINEL is a stone of vitality. It increases the level of life energy, making it easier for us to face everyday challenges.

The necklace is made of anti-allergic, gold-plated stainless steel, which does not cause allergies. Don't worry, the gold plating holds beautifully, does not darken or wear off.

Select the necklace length in the configurator.

We recommend a length of 38 cm + 5 cm of adjustment - it is a standard length that fits perfectly on most necklines.

A bestseller necklace cannot be too long, it looks best when fastened closer to the neck.


Stones: Desert Sand Cube/Hematite/Black Tourmaline/Hematite/Desert Sand Cube/Desert Sand Cube/Spinel

Stone size: approx. 10mm/1mm/4mm/1mm/2mm/2mm/2mm

Thickness of the armor weave: approx. 3mm

Chain thickness: 4x11.5x1mm

Logo plate: approx. 6mm

Material: anti-allergic surgical steel

Product customization

Don't forget to save your customization to be able to add to cart
  • optional 250 char. max
  • Gilded stainless steel
  • Silver stainless steel
Lenght of Best-selling necklace
  • to 38 cm + 5 cm regulation
  • to 43 cm + 5 cm regulation
  • to 47 cm + 5 cm regulation

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