Bracelet Black Spinel (2mm) - 1
Bracelet "Black Spinel" (2mm) - 3
Bracelet Black Spinel (2mm) - 5
Bracelet Black Spinel (2mm) - 1
Bracelet "Black Spinel" (2mm) - 3
Bracelet Black Spinel (2mm) - 5

Bracelet Black Spinel (2mm)

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Extremely impressive bracelet is made of mini 2 mm gemstones called Spinel. The bracelet shimmers with a million particles, thanks to its unique cut.

Spinel is a stone of vitality. It increases the level of life energy, thanks to which we can more easily face everyday challenges.

As a decorative element, I propose a gold-plated star. Decorative elements plus a clasp are made of gold-plated stainless steel.

Each bracelet is slightly different from each other because no two stones are the same. We choose stones for the client with great care, always intuitively.

How to choose the size:

1. Measure the circumference of your wrist with a soft tailor's tape measure so that the ruler sticks to its thinnest part. Do not add loose space, we in the studio will take care of the right amount of it, so that the bracelets fit neatly and do not compress. Do not measure your watch strap or the circumference of your bracelets!

2. Choose the size following your wrist circumference (measured without any loose space) or enter your exact wrist circumference in the comment to the order, then we will make a bracelet tailored to you.

3. If you want the bracelets to be close to the wrist, write us such information in the comment along with the exact circumference of the wrist for which we should make the bracelet.

4. We suggest size S as a gift, it is suitable for most standard wrists.

Stones: Spinel
Size of stones: 2mm
Clasp and pendant: anti-allergic stainless steel
Badge with logo: 6mm

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